Experienced Full Stack Developer: Very hands-on, startup-experienced developer. Natural leader who can fast track to Manager role Help our platform scale from millions to billions of daily events

Our Vision: 7 billion humans monetizing the most valuable asset everyone owns - their knowledge. Sensay is defining the future of human purpose by empowering developers to build upon the SENSE Network - a decentralized marketplace for the knowledge attribution and knowledge access.

Our Tech: Meshes machine learning and chatbots with the blockchain

Your Mission: Help us build and scale the SENSE core platform

Background & Skills: Polyglot - you know at least 3 programming languages, because… We have a mixed environment with Ruby, Elixir, Python, Solidity. Hacker DNA - because the really awesome stuff is built outside project sprints Open source and Decentralized Systems - you’re kind of a big deal on github Scaler - build lean but anticipate 100X growth surges & care about infrastructure Experience creating robust APIs to support multiple apps Test-driven and analytics driven development approach Server side focus but must care about UX design a little (or play nicely with those who do) Experience with natural language processing (NLP) Experience with machine learning. Strong interest in Crypto and blockchain

What we look for in team members: Missionaries > mercenaries. Helps first & raises everyone's game Gives a damn (many damns) Wicked smarts tempered by humility Leadership tempered by kindness Believes in magic, disbelieves “impossible” Recent startup experience from somewhere we've heard of

Things we believe: Win by helping others win Humans are awesome (H.I. comes before A.I.) Transparency and organizational flatness because world changing ideas can come from anyone at anytime. Office dogs, fun and tacos

Location : Santa Monica, CA (on the Third Street Promenade)